Spread the Booklove!

Oh hi there!

I see you have found my brand new page, my soon to be (hopefully) lair of reviews, unveilings, DNF’s, TBR’s, rantings… Yeah, long story short, all things books, books, books!

I created this page to share my love of books, to spread Booklove! But first things first, let me introduce myself so you know whose rantings you will be reading (and hopefully following). I am 32 years old and live in the Netherlands with  my boyfriend and our three adorable cats. I love reading (duh…), playing MMORPG’s and other games, and if I find the time I also enjoy the occasional crochet or wire wrapping project.

I mostly read Young Adult, Fantasy and Dystopian books, but also love (Psychological) Thriller, Horror and am not opposed to trying other genres now and then. By now you might be thinking ‘wait a minute’… you live in the Netherlands, so there is a big chance you read and speak Dutch, which is correct, in a way.
My native language is indeed Dutch, and when the writer’s native language is Dutch I do read the books in that language. However, I dislike reading translated books. So if the writer is native English speaking then I will read the book in English, which, for me, means that 98% of the books I read are English.
Unfortunately I do not speak (or read) e.g. Spanish or Russian, or even German, so for those native languages I do need to read translations, which I also mostly prefer to be English.
I read paper books, preferably hardcovers, and since recently I also read E-books. There was a time where I kept saying that I could not read without having paper in my hands, but I have come to see the advantages in reading E-books. If I find a book or series remarkably good, then I do buy the hardcover (or paperback) version, just because I do still love looking at my books in my bookcase.

And, last but not least, I am truly, utmost infatuated with Alice in Wonderland, and all spin-offs thereof. Not only books, also the movies and illustrated novels and comic books! I have a mission to collect all Alice in Wonderland spin-offs, which might prove to be rather extensive. So far I have several books, hardcover and paperback, and also a nearly complete Zenescope Wonderland series *does a happy twirl*.

Enough about  me though, I would also like to get to know you! Which subject craves your complete devotion? Where are you from? Do you prefer hardcover, paperback, E-book or something else entirely?


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