Faceless – Alyssa B. Sheinmel



Overall, this is a good, fast paced book. I really enjoyed reading it.

Faceless focusses on Maisie, a 16 year old student, who suffers a tragic accident. Maisie is performance driven, good looking and loves school (not kidding :p ). She is a sort of ‘goodie two-shoes’, as her best friend since kintergarten Serena says.
The book focusses on the impact a serious change in someone’s life brings. Through Maisie, you experience all the different stages a person goes through when having faced a life altering situation. And Alyssa B. Sheinnmel has done a very good job capturing the heartbreak, loss and haywired emotions that accompany such a change.
I had the occacional tear, laughed with the quirky jokes and smiled at the good moments. For me, the book feels quite hurried towards the end, and although there is a good amount of heartbreak and anger throughout the story, there are also an extreme amount of ‘too good to be true’ moments, a typical feel good read. Which, by no means, is a bad thing, but personally, I have a limit when it comes to ‘everything alright and good and better than before’ endings đŸ˜‰

Have you read Faceless yet, or is it sitting on your to be read list? How do you feel about  ‘everything alright and good and better than before’ endings’?


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