Free Ebooks (yes, it’s legal)!

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I posted, I’m so sorry!! But, I do have a nice update to share 😉

I have added 10 or so books to my TBR (oops), and wanted to share two of them with you, since the blurb really intrigued me. And! These E-books are totally free, you can download them on the Kobo website, I added the link so all of you can check it out and enjoy.

I’m gonna start with The Last Librarian by Brandt Legg, here is a little bit of the blurb (the entire blurb can be found here):

Never let them catch you reading.
Eighty years from now there is no war, no hunger, and no pollution.
The government decides to close the last remaining library still housing physical books.
The contents will be burned. Almost no one notices. almost no one cares.


Can I scream? I cannot imagine, will not try to imagine, a future where there are no physical books. It is sad, and really depressing to think it would be like that. Nevertheless, I am really excited to read the book, I hope the main character will prevent this catastrophe from happening!

The second book I want to share with you is World Whisperer by Rachel Devenish Ford, entire blurb can be found here:

As a fourteen-year-old outsider girl in the Worker village, Isika is destined for endless drudgery, serving her priest stepfather and worshiping the four goddesses of the Worker people. She doesn’t fit in and she hates the goddesses, but her mother is dead, and her three remaining siblings need her to be good and keep them safe. She can’t think of anything beyond surviving each day and trying to avoid her stepfather’s wrath.

You will have to read the entire blurb to understand my fascination (not going to add spoilers!), but it was the cover that drew me towards the book. Can we just take a moment to really admire that cover? Really looking forward to reading this one also! But yeah… long TBR list and such.


Also, because I will not deprave you of all the other amazing free E-books, here is a link where you can browse them yourselves! Add some sweetness to your TBR piles 😀 For my Dutch reading readers, you can find them here.

I will be doing my best to post more regularly! But sometimes life is so busy and at the end of the day, all I can manage to do is read, relax and drink a hot cup of coffee or tea. How long is your TBR pile? Are there any books you are excited to read, or excited to have found? Let me know in the comments!


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