Tower of Dawn Review – Sarah J. Maas


So… This book, it left me partly heartbroken, partly enthusiastic and utterly sad that it is finished. Fortunately there will be another sequel end of Octobre, but still, that’s a loooong time without Aelin, Rowan, Choal and all of them.

I am glad that the people I wanted working together ended up exactly like that, and the romances formed are amazing, though partly slightly predictable, but leave you smiling and feeling warm allover nonetheless.
The way Sarah Maas describes and portrays disability, physical as well as mental, is really well thought through and very realistic. There were moments tears just sprang into my eyes when reading the internal struggles Choal went through, and what it took for him to finally let go. Dare I say that I gained some very helpful insights while reading this book.

The reason this book took me so long to finish… On the one hand, the series slowed down for me, mostly because of the descriptive battle scenes and all that encompasses those (which is in no way unpleasant to read, just not entirely my cup of tea) and on the other hand the fact that I knew that as soon as I finished Tower of Dawn I would be left without the Throne of Glass world until the end of Octobre. The whole, you like a series (or book) so much that you want to finish it to know the outcome, but don’t want to finish it because… well… then it’s finished, kind of thing.

Anywho, all in all, as with all books of Sarah Maas it seems, I enjoyed Tower of Dawn all the way through and am sad that I now have to wait to know what will happen to all my favorite friends.

The ending though… Sarah J. Maas, once again, you’re killing me!!!


2 thoughts on “Tower of Dawn Review – Sarah J. Maas

  1. You know, I’ve seen Sarah J Maas’s books *everywhere* lately, but this is the first time I’ve heard anyone mention how well she treats disability in her writing! It’s fantastic to hear that her portrayals are realistic and so touching. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! ❤


    1. So glad to hear this! 🙂 To me it indeed felt realistic and true, save for the fantasy parts in it (which, of course, cannot be dismissed as it is not a true story kind of book).

      To some it might seem normal, and be underappreciated, but to me the way she treated this topic in the book was really touching. She did incorporate the mental struggles which are unavoidable, but often not mentioned or really vaguely hinted at. It was when reading this quote below that tears really sprang into my eyes, and I had to stop a moment before continuing. This quote hit me right in my guts, and it is not only applicable for physical or mental disabilities, but for each and every one who has a hard time. This specific quote does encompass dealing with a physical disability (and PTSD like symptoms) in the book:

      “Life. He had life to savor, to fight for.
      And the breaking that had started and ended here … Yes, it belonged to him.
      He was allowed to break, so that this forging might begin.
      So that he might begin again.”

      Even now, when reading it, it feels so true and it makes me realize that every single one of us is allowed to break, so we can begin anew. I think that we sometimes just need to be reminded of that 😉

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