Save the Kingdom – Fairyloot May Box

I have procrastinated blogging here, unveiling my May Fairyloot Box, posting my pictures on Instagram… I know it’s no excuse, but life has been so busy the last couple of weeks.

I received my Fairyloot box a while ago, and had not even really looked at what was inside, as I intended to capture it all on tape (digital tape that is), but I kept procrastinating and all of a sudden we’re half through June. So I decided to skip the movie, and just take some pictures for you. I do however intend to try again with the June box! Oh, Uh… maybe I should not say that here… it might backfire!

But, enough rattling, the Save the Kingdom May Box from Fairyloot was A-MA-ZING! My first book box ever and I am hooked (which is why I ordered the June box and am sooooo considering taking a subscription…).
There were so many  nice bookish things (a bathbomb which smells super good, a lipscrub, wake up tea, page flags in Throne of Glass theme, bookmarks, etc…), an amazing booksleeve and a limited hardcover of Onyx&Ivory (Mindee Arnett) with sprayed pages! I was overwhelmed to say the least.

And as we are already half through June, my second book box should be here soon! And ofcourse I will keep you all up to date 😉
In the meantime, here are my pictures for the May Box:




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